• IDW Staff Convention Circuit 2015 Mega Post

    As much fun as it is going to the various line cons throughout the world to meet your favorite comic book creators, voice actors, omnipotent demigods, etc, it can be a pain in the neck keeping track of who's going to be at each convention.

    Simply because of the sheer number of conventions out there, and the sheer number of various personalities that need to be kept track of.

    There are a few big expensive conventions out there—San Diego Comic Con will probably have everyone, but it also sells out a year in advance—however sometimes there are smaller shows where you might have a better chance of spending a little bit more time with the person looking to meet.

    Well, here at Equestria Daily we've compiled a list of all known convention appearances—comic and otherwise—of the active IDW MLP Comic Staff. It's organized alphabetically by last name—to make it semi-easy to find the person you're looking for.

    However, the list is also incomplete. For many conventions, it's still too early for them to be making announcements. Fortunately, this post is going to be updated & maintained throughout the year as more appearances are announced.

    If you happen to come across an announcement for anyone on the MLP Comic staff, be sure to submit it to us. We'll take care to add it to the list—and make an announcement post—as soon as possible.

    You can find the full list of scheduled appearances below the break!

    Ted Anderson—MLP Writer
    • TBA

    Jennifer Blake—IDW Limited MLP Artist

    Heather Breckel—MLP Colorist
    • Babscon: April 3rd–5th, San Francisco CA
    • Trotcon: July 17th–19th, Columbus OH

    Katie Cook—MLP Writer/Artist

    Bobby Curnow—MLP Editor/Writer
    • Babscon: April 3rd–5th, San Francisco CA

    Tony Fleecs—MLP Artist

    Jay Fosgitt—MLP Artist

    Agnes Garbowska—MLP Artist

    Brenda Hickey—MLP Artist

    Barbara Kesel—MLP Writer

    Amy Mebberson—MLP Artist

    Heather Nuhfer—MLP Writer
    • Babscon: April 3rd–5th, San Francisco CA

    Andy Price—MLP Artist

    Christina Rice—MLP Writer

    Sara Richard—MLP Artist

    Jeremy Whitley—MLP Writer

    Thomas Zahler—MLP Writer/Artist