• Number One Assistant Appreciation Day - Chinese New Year Event

    Spike has had it rough throughout the run of FiM, but few can deny the show would be very different without him! So for his hard work and dedication to his friends despite being the underdog in most cases (fandom and show alike) we'll be celebrating Spike Appreciation Day here on EqD on February 19, the Chinese New Year!

    That gives you guys two weeks to send in artwork, plushies, stories, ect both new and old to help fill the day with plenty of Spike themed love for the little guy. Send your pieces to submit@equestriadaily.com with at least Spike Day in the subject line and we'll file it away for the big event.

    If we can have love for all these ponies, surely there is some love in our hearts for our scaly little friend. Make me proud friends!

    Update: Guess Spike Appreciation Day abbreviates to SAD so we're going with something a bit more cheery! Also yes, it isn't the Year of the Dragon, the Chinese New Year seemed appropriate considering the Chinese Dragon.

    Twitter: Calpain