• Fluffle Puff Drops In on Ponycon NYC

    Just a little more than a week away my pony friends! Are you all excited? If you are still on the fence about buying a ticket here are some more awesome reasons to go. Not only is MixerMike going to be present as a guest and have a panel, but you can also get your hands on some official FlufflePuff merchandise!

    But what to do in the meantime? Drop by the Pony Cakes Cafe and get some wonderful food and drinks before hitting up the other panels and vendors!

    Check on after the break for all the details.

    Fluffle Puff Drops In on Ponycon NYC

    That guy who created FLUFFLE PUFF, flocculent friend to Chryssy, basement dweller, Tumblr aficionado and taco devotee is coming to the Northeast's My Little Pony fans convention for Hearts n' Hooves Day! As described on the PonyconNYC website and Fluffle Puff's own blog, Ask Fluffle Puff :

    "Some quick updates before I start answering questions again
    The biggest one is that I’ll be at Ponycon this year, as a guest this time.
    My panel thingy will be on Saturday, February 14 at 2PM.
    I think they’re going to like show my videos and I’ll be there."

    Ponycon Fluffle Tunes Saturday Screening
    Our black box theatre becomes Fluffle's Fun Cave on Valentines Day, Saturday February 14th from 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM for an hour-long feature presentation of animations with Ponycon special guest MixerMike the creator of Fluffle Puff. Join the herd when he brings his collection of episodes to watch on the Show Stable's Big Screen!

    Official Fluffle Merch
    Shoppers on safari for Fluffle souvenirs will find their quarry at E the Pony's table in the Ponycon Vendor Hall (Booth # 3) 
    E makes fantastic embroidered patches for pony fans as well as cool hats, caps and bags!
    Purchase an enhanced ticket to Ponycon to get one of E's amazing Ponycon Supporter patches as a thank-you from us!

    Pony Cakes Café
    The Maids and Butlers of Pony Cakes Café have returned to Ponycon, and attendees can enjoy delectable sweet treats served by performing pony waitstaff! We are promised at least one Chrysalis cosplayer will be there to wait on Fluffy-sama when he visits! 

    Panels & MORE
    You'll also want to check out all of our other fun community guest panels, featuring the talents of Animated James, Brass Knuckles, Nowacking and UnanimousD
    and jump in on a workshop or two. Learn how to make 3-D printed ponies! Take an assertiveness course with the female Iron Will! Or jump into a round table discussion with your peers on what it means to be a brony. 

    Ponycon is the Northeast's My Little Pony fan convention! Now in its third year, Ponycon 2015 is a global gathering of fans and friends to celebrate all things MLP. Taking place at SFC College in Brooklyn NY on Presidents Day weekend February 14, 15 & 16th, #PonyconNYC offers special guests, exclusives, workshops, lectures, panels, sneak peeks, food, fun, and many more surprises.
    So come out and be forever alone with all of us and have the time of your life - POMF!

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