• Read Some LOVE - The Super Happy Hearts and Hooves Lovefest Fanfic Submission Post!

    The Super Happy Hearts and Hooves Lovefest Fanfic Event has cometo a close, and it's time to UNLEASH THE PONY LOVE!

    If there is one thing this fandom absolutely loves doing, it's hooking ponies up with other ponies. It can be canon ships like our Princess of Love and her Shiny, or as obscure as Luna hooking up with a cockatrice, these ponies are doomed if they wanted a break from the love!

    Below the break, get the boatloads of writings from authors all over the fandom.  Pick an choose based on which ponies you like, or just gamble and go random mode.

    Now go below! Read some fanfics! Celebrate Cadance!

    NOTE: All fanfics are romance! These are sorted by sub tags.
    NOTE 2: Pretty much all of them are straight romance. Keep scrolling for those other genres though! 

    Slice of Life/Pure Romance

    [Shipping][Normal] - 7951 words

    Author: Blazewing

    A simple and sweet Rarijack story in two parts. Applejack surprises Rarity with an unexpected display of affection, leading both mares to a truth of astronomical proportions. Includes chubby Rarity and semi-chubby Applejack.

    Sweet and Complete

    Characters: Rarity, Applejack

    [Shipping][Normal] - 1479 words

    Author: Greatmewtwo

    Octavia and Big Macintosh bond over the idea of music

    A Two-Toned Augmentation! Mactavia!

    Characters: Big Macintosh, Octavia Melody,

    [Shipping]No Homo Bromance - 3067 words

    Author: Bysen

    Written for Hearts and Hooves Day, Snips Tries to convince the nervous Snails to ask out his crush Twist. Also written pre Frozen's plutonic love = win

    Follow My Lead

    Characters: Snips, Snails

    [Shipping]Slice of life - 2444 words

    Author: Crimsion Ink

    Cheerilie goes to see the Pony Tones preform...and somepony else to. Big mac. Though his voice was gone, Fluttershy's help allowed him to still "preform". Cheerilie didn't know that. After the show, the two go out for dinner and as the conversation lags, Cherrilie begans to get worried. She knew he was the quiet type, but never this quiet! She begans to think that the reason is because of her! While at the same time, Big mac is keeping quiet so as not give away his broken voice. Cheeriliee doesn't know what to do, and as the evening draws to a close, what will she say?

    Dinner and show

    Characters: Cheerilee, Big Mac, Savoir fare

    [Shipping] - 9545 words

    Author: Spirit Guide

    The Shipping Bar. For shipping, by shipping, and starring shipping. With a tasty menu and special features for the sake of all, it's the greatest place for a pair. The Shipping Bar is without a doubt the best place to take your date to date to date. WARNING: Shipping and OCs. A lot of both.

    The Shipping Bar

    Characters: OC, Twilight Sparkle

    [Shipping][Normal] - 1204 words

    Author: Hasegawa-Miharu038

    Twilight Sparkle is out playing ball with the CMC, when Scootaloo misses a throw from Apple Bloom, which causes Twilight to end up finding something she never expected...

    Running into You

    Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, CMC

    [Shipping][Normal] - 1547 words

    Author: snapplejackdaniels404

    Spike and Rarity have a special conversation on Hearts and Hooves Day.

    Love is a Four Letter Word

    Characters: Rarity, Spike, Twilight

    [Shipping][Normal] - 1202 words

    Author: Hillbe

    Raritys special day, She wait and waits and waits,

    Her Day

    Characters: Spike ,Rarity, Sweeite Belle,

    [Shipping] - 1207 words

    Author: DuskShimmer

    A TwiLuna shipfic. Contains next gen. offspring.

    Spark Ignighted

    Characters: Princess Luna, Princess Twilight Sparkle, OC

    [Shipping][Normal] - 2729 words

    Author: Anonymoose

    Big Mac has been dating Spike in secret for a few months now, and they are finally ready to make it public. But how will things go for this shy stallion?

    Big Mac in a Small Town

    Characters: Big Mac, Spike

    [Shipping] - 2333 words

    Author: Winged Cat

    A basic love triangle: Twilight likes Rainbow Dash likes Twilight, but Twilight and Twilight do not get along. Side story to Seeing Sanguine.

    A Pegasus Salute

    Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash

    [Shipping]Slice of Life - 972 words

    Author: Paris Sprite

    Fluttershy and Big Mac have been dating behind their friends' and families' backs for a while now, when Fluttershy finally pulls a liplock on him. Just a silly thing I wrote on a whim. Enjoy!

    Kiss Me In the Rain

    Characters: Fluttershy, Big Macintosh, OC: Au Lait the barista

    [Shipping] - 1996 words

    Author: Big Brony

    Ever had that high-school crush that resulted in the friend-zone? Spike probably knows that feeling... good thing he has an alicorn princess to back him up if he needs help. In another note, this isn't my usual style of fanfic. The two reasons I wrote this was: 1. I felt that I ought to step outside of my comfort zone a little. 2. This is actually based on a high school crush I had once... This isn't my first fanfic ever written, but it is the first fanfic I am submitting to EQD... hope everything goes well!

    A Scaly Love Story

    Characters: Spike , Rarity , Twilight

    [Shipping]Drama - 2976 words

    Author: Stormie-squall

    For the past twenty years, Luna's banishment to the moon hasn't been as lonely as it was, all thanks to her link with a mysterious voice. But she never expected the voice to belong to a real pony. Twilight Sparkle has had a link with a mysterious mare who she knows to be Princess Luna. But can she save the princess before the Nightmare smothers her for good?

    The Stars

    Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna, Princess Celestia

    [Shipping][Normal] - 1241 words

    Author: Blue Lightning Brony

    This event takes place 2 years after Season 4, making them both teenagers.

    A Dragon's Love

    Characters: Spike & Sweetie Belle , Twilight Sparkle & Rarity

    [Shipping]Friendshipping - 3000 words

    Author: VitalSpark

    Peachy Pie doesn't have a very special somepony for Hearts and Hooves Day. Sunny Daze helps her look. But what does Peachy Pie expect from a very special somepony? And which pony could be her match?

    Peachy Pie's Very Special Somepony

    Characters: Peachy Pie, Sunny Daze

    [Shipping][Normal] - 2328 words

    Author: Miss Spectrum

    Sunset finally asked Twilight Sparkle out for a date. She wants everything to go perfectly well, she must impress her girl. But it seems that her plans aren’t working well...

    First Date

    Characters: Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle

    [Shipping][Comedy] - 1301 words

    Author: Tennis Match Fan

    One day, Sunset Shimmer is surprised when Thunderbass asks her out. The rocker dude that happens to be Flash Sentry's best friend. He asks her out. What will Sunset's response be?

    Thunderbass Asks Sunset Shimmer Out

    Characters: Sunset Shimmer, Thunderbass

    [Shipping] - 1100 words

    Author: UnicodingUnicorn

    Why not pair Luna with the thing she is in charge of?

    Luna and the Moon

    Characters: The Moon

    [Shipping] - 6723 words

    Author: hunterz263

    Octavia thinks she has it all in life. She certainly has crowds of fans, money, friends, and a decent home. But something is missing in Octavia's life and she doesn't realize it -- It is probably the single most important thing she will ever receive in life. While shopping one night, Octavia will find out what this mystery is.

    Passing Notes

    Characters: Octavia

    [Shipping][Shipping] - 3500 words

    Author: IndiBrony

    Cadance's royal duties of spreading love on Hearts and Hooves day can be pretty intense. Here, she gives us a glimpse of what she does.

    Cadance: The Love Arsenal

    Characters: Cadance

    [Shipping] - 4685 words

    Author: bookplayer

    Applejack's mother was a Manehattan pony who fell in love with Sweet Apple Acres and the farmer who lived there. The gold necklace he gave her wasn't expensive or flashy, but she loved it anyway. Now that Applejack is ready to propose to Twilight with the same necklace, she hopes it really is fit for a princess.

    Fit for a Princess

    Characters: Applejack, Twilight Sparkle

    [Shipping]Rule 63 - 1585 words

    Author: Keaton-Furman-Prower

    Sonata Dusk asks Dusk Shine to be her Hearts And Hooves date. His response is not quite what she expected.

    A Date At Dusk

    Characters: Sonata Dusk, Twilight Sparkle

    [Shipping]Gaming - 9469 words

    Author: AppleDashShipping

    When Button is paired up with Sweetie Belle for a school project the colt feels his heart melt with excitement. The only problem is that Sweetie has no idea what the term "co-op" even means… A simple school project leads to an unforgettable night for the two pixelated protagonists when Sweetie Belle discovers there is a whole new world of crusading held between her hooves.

    Be Mine Tonight

    Characters: Button Mash, Sweetie Belle

    [Shipping] - 2189 words

    Author: Sylvain Colinet

    There is a lot of thing to learn when you are groomed to be a Prince of Equestria, that does not mean you must love every aspect of your life. Some are good like living in a castle or having the priveliege to meet the most important ponies of Equestria. Some are bad like having to drink tea.

    Prince Blueblood hate tea

    Characters: Prince Blueblood, Twilight Sparkle

    [Shipping]Second-Person - 4374 words

    Author: Leonardo Oliver Osborn

    You are an Earthpony who had just moved from Manehatten for a fresh start. You needed a new place to start business for your flower-stand, since your last place was ran down. But it's not just flowers you worry about, you also long for love. And then... you fall in love.[/

    Hearts and Hooves Day

    Characters: OC Ponies, Rarity, Braeburn

    [Shipping]Romance - 1679 words

    Author: Kind_Of_A_Rarity

    Ponies would only dream of being in such a position, and a simple guard has found himself in that position, but this isn't a dream. That would be too cruel. Now a date has turned into the beginning of the rest of his life with, or possibly without, his love. What will the others think of their romance? How will they react?

    Loving The Night

    Characters: OC, Princess Luna

    [Shipping]Slice of Life - 3078 words

    Author: Night Prism

    Friends. They come and they go. They bring happiness, sorry, joy, and worry. Through the thick and thin, they'll be by our sides and carry us whenever the world becomes too heavy. What matters most, though, are the footprints they leave in our hearts.

    A Respite

    Characters: OC, Rainbow Dash

    [Shipping] - 5662 words

    Author: QueenFangirl

    Diamond Lust is a wanted serial killer in quite a few regions in the world, yet she hasn't tackled the country of Equestria. She wants her close friend, Bright Heart, to come with her, yet Bright wants to spend the time there living how normal ponies do. After enough persuasion, the duo went out to public trying to act like civilians. Diamond has yet to tell her friend how she feels about her.

    Love is Life

    Characters: OC Diamond Lust, OC Bright Heart, OC Sleet Fleece

    [Shipping][Normal] - 2802 words

    Author: Birdy

    Derpy Hooves and Doctor Hooves are on their tenth anniversary, and as usual, their trip to other places and times is kept a surprise by Doctor Hooves. Little does he know that Derpy has a surprise as well - and it's something that he will probably have a two-heart attack from.

    The Anniversary

    Characters: Derpy Hooves, Doctor Whooves, Dinky Doo

    [Shipping][Comedy] - 1092 words

    Author: oddsbodiKittens

    Twilight finds a way to bring her home to life. She eventually finds herself doing a bit more than just talking to it though.

    Pancakes at the End

    Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Golden Oaks Library

    [Shipping] - 4522 words

    Author: BlazzingInferno

    Rainbow Dash receives a love letter from a secret admirer, and isn’t quite sure how to take it. What kind of pony sends stuff like this? Why can’t they just tell her to her face? Thunderlane, meanwhile, isn’t sure starting this game was the smartest of ideas.

    Mail Call

    Characters: Thunderlane, Rainbow Dash, Ditzy Doo

    [Shipping] - 1196 words

    Author: Tyra

    A blind date party set up by Discord, if one receives an invitation attendance is mandatory. Big Mac receives one such invitation and is set up on a date with a mysterious stallion.

    Blind Date

    Characters: Big Mac, Sombra

    [Shipping] - 15538 words

    Author: Pen Stroke

    With Sombra threatening pony and changeling alike, Chrysalis and Celestia begrudgingly agree to an alliance. Neither is happy at first. Yet, as they work together, they discover lasting peace, and perhaps more, is possible.

    The Enemy of My Enemy

    Characters: Princess Celestia, Queen Chrysalis

    [Shipping] - 5453 words

    Author: ChaotixSpark

    Bubble Berry realizes he has feelings for Butterscotch and has trouble coming to terms with this new feeling. It takes the support of a Moon Prince and another friend to convince him that maybe love is just like rock and sand?

    Scotchy Don't Hurt Me, Don't Hurt Me, No More

    Characters: Bubble Berry, Butterscotch

    [Shipping] - 4707 words

    Author: Emylia Hawke

    "Too busy for romance" is Misty Moonrise's motto on this Hearts and Hooves Day, but she's caught Hawthorne's eye and he will not be deterred. However, Misty is all but oblivious to his advances. Will Hawthorne Pine convince her to be his very special somepony before Hearts and Hooves Day ends?

    For a Very Special Somepony

    Characters: OC

    [Shipping] - 10662 words

    Author: HazardPony

    When a bag full of drawings falls from the sky onto Applejack's head, she wouldn't have expected an old secret Rainbow Dash had been keeping to be revealed, for her to lose a fight with a fridge, and for the two of them to open up to each other in more ways than one. But that's only if Applejack stops being furious at her friend for lying. Again.

    Let Sleeping Ponies Lie

    Characters: Rainbow Dash, Applejack

    [Shipping][Normal] - 7172 words

    Author: Dubs Rewatcher

    It's Hearts and Hooves Day, and Pinkie Pie is going through her annual rituals. Distribute personalized cards to every resident of Ponyville? Check. Give out candy? Check. Sit in front of her bedroom window and eat lots of raw cookie dough? Mega-check. Everything has gone according to plan, and Pinkie is ready to spend the rest of the day relaxing. That is, until Pinkie realizes that every time she looks at Fluttershy she gets nauseous. And if her Pinkie Sense is right—and it always is—that can only mean one thing: she is madly in love with Fluttershy. This can only end well.

    There's a First Time for Everything

    Characters: Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie

    [Shipping][Normal] - 1781 words

    Author: Hsere

    Ever wondered who taught Sunset Shimmer how to play the guitar?

    Three Chords and the Truth

    Characters: Sunset Shimmer, Flash Sentry

    [Shipping] - 3315 words

    Author: flying_whimsy

    Royal Guard Sterner Stuff, a seasoned guard, is one of many guards at the Grand Galloping Gala the year following the one that Twilight and her friends wrecked. It's a practice run for the upcoming wedding between Princess Cadance and Shining Armor. Things take an interesting turn for Sterner Stuff when he meets a beautiful pegasus, but the night doesn't end there.

    A Stern Lesson

    Characters: OC - Sterner Stuff, Sky Flower, Changeling


    [Shipping][Comedy] - 1767 words

    Author: A. J. Vasquez, the autistic pony

    When Trixe and Blueblood end up in the same room, it's up to, of all people, Discord, to fix thing so everypony came enjoy there hearts and hooves day. The question is, since it's not him, why is he doing it?

    A non-chaotic hearts and hooves day

    Characters: Discord, Fluttershy, Celestia

    [Shipping][Random] - 1840 words

    Author: wren sen solomon

    Celestia finds herself bored and decides to mess with Rainbow Dash by getting her to fall in love with the tastiest date in all of Ponyville. However, things take a turn for the strange.


    Characters: Rainbow Dash

    [Shipping][Random] - 1708 words

    Author: VazeMardez

    Sweetie Belle does not know Button is expecting her. So, she goes to where Button is going to Miami Florida. Sweetie Belle did not know about the dangerous things that will happen there. Button is excited and just knows Sweetie Belle will try to do something extravagant there. Little did they know, it might not have even happened.

    Sweetie Ultima

    Characters: Sweetie Belle

    [Shipping][Comedy] - 26788 words

    Author: BNuts

    It is the first Hearts and Hooves Day since the Crystal Empire was restored, and everypony wants in on some heartful action! An anthology of shippy short stories.

    Third Gear OSS: Sharing Hearts Is Magic

    Characters: OC Ponies, Mane 6, Royal Sisters

    [Shipping][Random] - 6232 words

    Author: Electronic Pony

    It's Hearts and Hooves Day in Ponyville, and the mane six are all alone. On a desperate journey for love, they find that their attractions may not be to other ponies at all...

    Of Lonely Hearts and Objectum Sexuality

    Characters: Mane 6

    [Shipping][Comedy] - 11000 words DONUTS

    Author: Azure129

    Luna is the Princess of the Night, which is normally a job she loves...except on Hearts and Hooves Day night. Fortunately, she can at least take a break this evening to go to her favorite twenty-four hour bakery, Donut Joe's. Luna likes donuts and her new friend Donut Joe, and Donut Joe really, really likes the nighttime...and the moon...and the princess in general. Adorableness ensues. And Discord and Celestia observe from the sidelines (sort of). Yay for bonus donut-related love points!

    Donut Nights

    Characters: Donut Joe, Princess Luna

    [Shipping][Comedy] - 3435 words

    Author: An-Twan Star

    Hearts & Hooves Day is a pony holiday. It’s filled with chocolates and flowers and other similar snack foods. It has cards with gooey sentiment. And it has lovestruck ponies making all kinds of grand, silly gestures to their special someponies. Gilda is a griffon. And griffons don’t go in for any of that kind of nonsense.

    The Plunge

    Characters: Gilda, Lightning Dust

    [Shipping][Comedy] - 4176 words

    Author: The 24th Pegasus

    Do you know who really loves Hearts and Hooves Day? Cadance. Do you know who really doesn’t? Everypony Cadance meets. Do you think they have a choice when she’s around? Hell no.

    Sunny with a Chance of Shipping

    Characters: Twilight, Spike, Rainbow Dash


    [Shipping][Adventure] - 7339 words

    Author: Rathgood

    The fallout of Tirek's attack reveal a secret in the blood of the Apple clan. Leading Big Macintosh and Twilight on an adventure to find the Smith.

    The Smith

    Characters: Princess Twilight Sparkle, Big Macintosh


    [Shipping][Dark] - 8160 words

    Author: Cerulean Voice

    The Crystal Empire has been at peace ever since Princess Cadance and Shining Armor took over its ruling. No more loving couple has ever reigned before, and the Crystal Heart has never generated such power in all of history. But there is a secret that Cadance has kept for many, many, years: a terrible secret with the potential to bring it all crashing down. Enlisting the aid of an old friend, she plans to finally divulge this secret to her beloved on their first Hearts-and-Hooves Day as life partners. How will the prince react after learning of this secret, and what does it mean for the future of not only their marriage, but the future of the Crystal Empire's prosperity?

    Crystal Legacy

    Characters: Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, King Sombra

    [Shipping][Dark] - 8500 words

    Author: A Hoof-ful of Dust

    How much do you trust what you can see? What you can touch? What you experience? How sure can you be that all you have lived through, all you have loved, is not a dream that will fade at daybreak? Twilight must end the spell.

    Too Much Love Will Kill You

    Characters: Twilight Sparkle


    [Shipping][Sad] - 1273 words (TRIIIIXIEEE ;_;) - Sethisto Review

    Author: Pascoite

    The Great and Powerful Trixie has so many admirers, of course. In truth, she only wants one, but maybe that can change.

    The Great and Showerful Trixie

    Characters: Trixie

    [Shipping][Sad] - 2376 words

    Author: Big Brony

    I have several theories about the rivalry that Equestria and the changelings share. It may have been harsh for the leaders of both, but it was harsher still for those who had to carry out the bidding of the rulers of the two factions. Here, I show what I believe happened to some during times of conflict. In other words, this isn't my usual style of fanfic. As a matter of fact, its the second of only two shipfics I've ever written. But, I still don't see why I couldn't write a shipfic between two OC's of mine.

    "The Wedding Bells will be Ringing Soon."

    Characters: Strong Wing OC, Sweetness OC

    [Shipping][Sad] - 1027 words

    Author: Larry Pendlehamm

    Sweetie Belle enjoys Hearts and Hooves Day, but not as much as she used to...


    Characters: Sweetie Belle, Button Mash

    [Shipping][Sad] - 3080 words

    Author: Eugene Velvelidis and Jim Fotopoulos

    When Rarity had once to leave Ponyville to go to a buisness trip she thought it would be a nice idea to have one of her friends acompany her, but since tomorow would be Hearts and Hooves day things will get more complicated. Then she will learn that if you want to build a romantic atmosphere all you need is just a room.

    Room sweet Room

    Characters: Applejack, Rarity, clerk, Twillight


    [Shipping][Crossover] - 1719 words

    Author: A_Door_to_Imagination

    Danny Sexbang, member of the band Ninja Sex Party, discover a spell to take him to a magical land, where he falls in love with a beautiful mint colored unicorn... That's basically it. Contains some innuendo and slightly strong language.

    Don’t Be a Grump on Valentine’s day!

    Characters: Lyra Heartstrings, Danny Sexbang

    [Shipping][Crossover] - 5218 words

    Author: Geasswolf

    Hearts and Hooves Day is tomorrow, and as usual, Fluttershy has nothing else better to do than stay at home. However, when Lelouch comes along and offers to hang out with her on the day before it, she realizes that this year, it's going to be different.

    Falling For You

    Characters: Fluttershy, Lelouch Vi Britannia