• Brony Music...ish?: Butterfly / Две Деньги (В. Д'ркин) / Just Three Days

    So, brony music. We have another one of these posts for you all today, hitting that fringe "is this pony?" category along with some well known brony musicians branching out a bit.

    The first song bounced around a bit from new group "Plum Creek Rhythm Section". We've been told it is based on Fluttershy, but it lacks the hooves. Brony Music seems like a good place for that!

    And the second song comes from Lenich and Kirya, who you may know from the various sounds they have created over the years, along with their recent Love Me Cheerilee collab. This one isn't pony based, but it's really well done anyway.

    And finally, Mando does a Majora's Mask song!

    Now go get the music below!

    1.) Plum Creek Rhythm Section - "Butterfly (Fly Away)" [Official Lyric Video]
    2.) Lenich & Kirya — Две Деньги (В. Д'ркин)
    3.) "Just 3 Days" - Majora's Mask song by MandoPony | The Legend of Zelda