• Nightly Roundup #1137

    When Discord calls for tea time you'd better expect the unexpected. Just something you'll have to get used to with him around Angel.

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    Tonight's Stories

    Small Town Rituals Fanfic Reading

    This is my voiced fanfic reading of Small Town Rituals. The local ice-cream shop, Dari-B is about to open for another year of service to the town of Ponyville. The residents are eagerly awaiting another year of delicious home-made treats. Original story by Befallen Tragedy.

    Original story: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/87342/1/small-town-rituals/long-awaited-dreams

    Twilight: Princess Ril
    Applejack: Faux Synder
    Rarity: Faux Synder
    Rainbow Dash: Kim Daniels
    Scootaloo: Haylizbeth
    Apple Bloom: Kim Daniels
    Sweetie Belle: Bloomster
    Discord: BigApplePie
    Princess Celestia: Mewsel
    Princess Luna: Haylizbeth
    Narrator: Aeon

    Music by: Commander Royal

    Art by: Scarlett

    Directed and Edited by Firebolt

    EFNW Fanfic Spotlight #22

    Welcome again, to the EFNW Fanfic Spotlight. This week, Pinkie is Mostly Harmless, Twilight takes in a guest after the changling invasion, and Dotted Line has something stuck in his chimney at Hearthwarming.

    So Long, and Thanks for All the Ponies

    by Sir Ginger
    Words: 58,995 Complete: Yes
    Recommended by Ckat_Myla
    For those who enjoy the style of Douglas Adams, but feel like his work could (as many things could) be improved by the addition and integration of colorful ponies. Sir Ginger does an admirable job as aping Adams' writing style in this semi-ponified version of the original Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. When the planet all the ponies call home is destroyed, Pinkie Pie (who is not actually a pony, doesn't that make a lot more sense?) takes her friends of on an intergalactic adventure.
    Understand that this is not merely a parody, nor a copy/paste job, even if it shares a few of the staples of the original story if you're familiar with it (if you thought Vogon poetry was bad, try their fan fiction).
    With enough clever twists and surprises to put a smile on both pony fans and Hitchhiker's fans, this story is a long love letter to a great scifi writer that is – in a phrase – mostly harmless.

    by Blissey1
    Words: 53.594 Complete: Yes
    Recommended by Asylum1388
    Taking place just after the Royal Wedding, this is a story about a changeling named Nurex, known to the citizens of Canterlot as Novel Tale, a prolific author of many of Equestria’s most popular fantasy novels. It’s the perfect setup for a changeling that feeds on admiration. As far as he’s concerned, he’s got it all: adoring fans, a supportive hive, friendly neighbors, and a beautiful home in a gorgeous city.
    Then one day his quiet morning is interrupted by nothing less than a full-scale invasion from a hostile hive bent on conquest. With his house destroyed and the city in an uproar, he decides it would be best to leave the city for a while lest he be discovered for what he really is and accepts an invitation to live in Ponyville with one of his biggest fans, Twilight Sparkle.
    I think anyone can guess what happens next.
    A Novel Tale is, more than anything, an exercise in world-building, and that is what makes up most of the storey as Blissey hashes out their own unique version of the changeling species that’s so vivid that several side-stories have independently spawned from it (though none quite measure up).
    I can safely say that I would hold this story up as one of the best examples of excellent world-building, and suggest that everyone give it a read.

    by GhostOfHeraclitus
    Words: 6,464 Complete: Yes
    Recommended by Silver Flare
    It is time, dear readers, for a confession. Last month, I wrote a review of a lovely story that, tragically, would never see the light of day in a fanfic spotlight. Xepher was wearing his especially mean Meanpants that morning as he decried my delightful review between mouthfulls of rice chex.
    “Silver,” He said, crunching away happily on my dreams, “We already reviewed that one.”
    “Hmph.” I replied, kicking the table like a responsible adult with a genuine grievance, and not at all like a child being told that ice cream was not for breakfast. “But the story is soooooooooo goooooooood.”
    “I know.” *crunch crunch* “That’s why I reviewed it back in June.”
    As you can see, beloved readers, Xepher was being completely unreasonable. In recompense, perhaps he’ll let us review a sequel by the same author that just about measures up to the original. In A Canterlot Carol (could you imagine that it’s still December for me? Thanks.) we find our intrepid hero Dotted Line single-hoofedly fighting off legions of legal tangles and platoons of paperwork in an attempt to get the remainder of his crew out of the castle and home for the holidays. Easier said than done when swimming the sea that is Canterlot bureaucracy, and the eldritch demon in his chimney isn’t helping matters.
    This is a perfect stand-alone story, so don’t hesitate to jump right in. The author deftly combines sharp wit and a keen eye to bring us a delectable array of dry, British absurdities. The characters are smart and fun, but those aren’t even the best reasons to recommend this story. Beneath the wit, beneath the smart storytelling, there’s a genuine heart that glows with warmth and hope. And the scene where Dotty wonders to himself whether gods grow cold. . . I have to admit it drew tears to my eyes. Legit tears.
    Don’t let Xepher eat your dreams too. Read A Canterlot Carol. In the words of commenter Blue_Paladin42, “It was very nice (read: so heartwarming my heart has actually melted and fused with my ribs as it cooled.)”

    Ponies in Real Life Comics

    Looks like the CCG is so popular it's making its way into other comics!

    Check out the full story here!

    Footage of MLP Cafe!

    We brought you some pictures of the event awhile ago, but now a video has surfaced! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun. Let's hope they do this again sometime soon.

    Now For Some Randomness

    Random enough for you guys?

    Ask Sonata Dusk and Friends [Short Dub]

    I think I've spotlit this little tumblr before! Really cute and I'm glad it's popular enough to get a dub!

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Free Ponified Stickers From Local Brony Group Coming Soon

    RVA Bronies meet-up group and page will be giving out free RVA ponified stickers at the start of season 5.

    More than 10 years ago in Richmond, Va the city was hit with a flood of free RVA stickers that where available at local small business. Nobody knew where they came from but the whole city fell in love with the RVA logo.

    In the following years the RVA logo has been a staple in the community and the creators have given out the template for local groups and organizations to create there own RVA logos. Almost every car in Richmond, Va and surrounded counties has some type of the RVA sticker on there car. Fire/EMS, SPCA, Breast Cancer Awareness, Runners, Biker, Etc. (you get the idea) has there own style, why not the Bronies of RVA. Well the wait is almost over.

    Local brony group, RVA Bronies has finalize our own RVA logo. With Season 5 coming up, RVA Bronies is giving out FREE stickers to show pony pride in RVA. I have talked with local Hot Topic's and some Comic Shop's and they are in for the stickers. One Manager and Hot Topic had this to say, "SHUT-UP!!! Get us as many as you can, I will slap it on my car right now!" Once we get the release date for season 5, we will start dropping off the stickers at the locations. I will submit a list of locations to Equestria Daily, RVA Bronies page, and the various stores pages to get your free sticker. This will be a limited time offer for these stickers are projected to go quick.
    RVA Bronies Unite!
    Anubis ~ Lead Pony

    Get more information here!

    Singers needed for OC Mascot on ManeFrameRadio

    Hello Owner of ManeFrameRadio here, I am in need of Female singers, or vocalists for our stations
    mascot SilverLeaf..If any mare wants to show off there singing voice and prove to the stallions (me being a stallion my self ) that girls are the best add me on skype xXImaCyberDragonXx or go to our IRC chat on our site http://mane-frame.com/?page_id=12

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    Sketchy Lists: Top 5 MLP: FiM Main Series Arcs

    Dyfunctional Equestria Water Cooler Podcast Ep. 5

    Today In Pony History

    February 5, 2011-2014

    2011 - EqD hits 50k views.

    2012 - We celebrate the Super Bowl!

    2013 - Amy Keating Rogers returns to pony and season 4 has 26 episodes.

    2014 - Michael Morones story is everywhere.

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