• Music of the Day #448

    When did Music of the Day lose it's batpony presense? TIME TO FIX IT! Get some bat.

    And then get some music below.

    [1] Source
    Totalspark - Irritation
    Progressive House

    [2] Source
    "FNAF 2 Song: DISCORD'S INNOCENT" (Instrumental) [3D MUSIC] "Five Nights At Freddy's 1 & 2"

    [3] Source
    Ascero - Journey (BronyGuess Remix)

    [4] Source
    Raging Rarity - Celestias Power (Original Mix)

    [5] Source

    [6] Source
    REDD - Scumbag (Original Mix)

    [7] Source
    Wubbaducky - Weightless

    [8] Source
    WoodenToaster - Nightmare Night [RUS] (Cover by Sayonara) [Remaster Ver.]

    Russian cover of Nightmare Night! We usually put straight covers in Motd, but it's really well done if you are curious about Russian music.