• New Pony Trading Cards Reveals and Spoilers!

    There have been more and more new reveals from the My Little Pony Trading Card Series 3, like the two foil puzzles above! The foil side of each card makes up a single larger image, while the backs differ: the Rainbow Power card backs feature each of the Mane Six in their rainbowfied form, while the backs of the Pinkie Pride puzzle are song cards for each of the six songs from the episode.

    And besides cards, there have been reveals of some of the stickers, standees, and tattoos that are also inside card packs. Personal favorite? "You're a Princess Twilight" in the Harry Potter font. It's magical.

    Series 3 hits shelves on March 6th! For now you can check out below the break for more cards, stickers, and a few brand new spoilers that haven't been seen yet...

    Four more of the stickers in Series 3. Twilight Burgle strikes again!

    Voted fan-favorite episode of the entire show!

    She hasn't appeared since Season 2, but Queen Chrysalis still makes some appearances in the card series.

    Lesson Zero, Party of One, and Read It and Weep were voted as fans' favorite Twilight, Pinkie, and Rainbow Dash episodes over on Facebook, so these were the winning card reveals.

    Pinkie and Dash's Character Cards in Series 3.

    Just look at that Nightmare Moon. Don't even TRY to tell me you don't want one in foil!

    Star Swirl makes a pretty swank foil, too. From the Rainbow Rocks storybook scenes where he banished the Sirens from Equestria to Humanestria.

    Sticker trolling. Deal with it.

    And last, but certainly not least... Mandatory Trix!