• More Season 5 Reveals, Including Episode 100 Information and Maud Pie

    Over at PonyCon AU, a bit of information regarding season five was revealed during, before, and after the panels. One of our pre-reader buddies (The Slorg for those that know him from the fanfic side of the fandom) got to snag some information off the show staff in attendance hinting at what we can expect once the episodes start rolling.

    Now go check it all out below the break! Bask in the potentially amazing season five.

    Episode 100:
    • No mane 6, all background/minor ponies
    • Doctor Whooves, and very heavily hinted that he is similar to the actual Doctor Who version
    • Some fan-established background pony personalities will be seen, while others will have entirely new ones. 
    • As many background ponies crammed into it as they can, while still having a fun story 
    • While they aren't allowed to read fanfiction to avoid a conflict of ideas, they are still very aware at what is popular.  

    • Maud Pie returns in a Hearths Warming (Christmas) episode

    Pony Movie:
    • It is completely 100% Pony, no Equestria Girls
    • They are going all out on it, to make sure it doesn't just feel like an extended episode