• Awesome Con Announces IDW MLP Artist Brenda Hickey!

    Well folks, this is an unexpected treat!

    IDW MLP Artist Brenda Hickey will be making her first American Comic Convention debut at Washington D.C.'s Awesome Con on the Weekend of May 29th–31st!

    For those who want to meet the artist who brought us the the art for:
    • Pony Pirates (MLP:FiM #13–14),
    • Applejack's Micro (MLP: Microseries #6), 
    • Discord time traveling with Fluttershy and the CMC (MLP:FiM #24), 
    • the horrors to Pinkie Pie's addiction to sweets (MLP:FiM #12), 
    • the upcoming King Sombra one shot (MLP: FIENDship #1), 
    • and the upcoming Applejack/Mayor Mare Friends Forever Issue  (MLP:FiM #15),

    consider dropping by if you're going to be in the DC metro area!

    As always, be sure to check out our IDW Staff Convention Circuit 2015 Mega Post to see where else your favorite IDW MLP staff members will show up!