• Why Ponies are Leaving Netflix? - Hasbro at NATPE

    Looks like more of the mystery behind why ponies and other Hasbro shows haven't been renewed on Netflix has been revealed. In a small blurb from WorldScreen it appears that Hasbro will be marketing its properties at NATPE, a huge conference for content creators and distributors.

    Hasbro has plans to strengthen ties with old partners as well as reaching out to 'new digital partners in emerging markets'. Considering the conference will take place in Miami January 20-22 we should hear something soon about where these Hasbro shows end up. Stay tuned!

    Thanks to Roy G Biv for the heads up, check on after the break for the full blurb from WorldScreen.

    Hasbro Studios is attending NATPE with the intention of strengthening its relationships with its partners as well as reaching out to new digital players in emerging markets.
    At the market, Hasbro Studios is focusing its sales efforts on its four franchise titles: Littlest Pet ShopTransformers Rescue Bots, My Little Ponyand the soon-to-launch Transformers Robots in Disguise. “All of our franchise titles are being exhibited globally, with the exception of Robots in Disguise, which will launch in a few months on Cartoon Network in the U.S., Latin America and Europe,” says Gustavo Gomez, the company’s sales director for Latin America.
    “Our priority is to work with our partners to keep our audience engaged in our content through all possible platforms,” Gomez notes. 

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