• Music of the Day #439

    Something about cutifying a concept that isn't originally cute is appealing.  Lets do that more.

    And while you do it, have some music of the day! It has been a few days since the last run, so expect more tomorrow.

    [1] Source
    The Dazzlings - Battle Of The Bands : [Sine Wave Remix] REMASTERED

    [2] Source
    Aviators - Constellations (Flying Melody Remix)

    [3] Source
    Royalpony- Awesome As I Wanna Be (Dubstep Remix)

    [4] Source
    AnimatronicPony - Life Factor

    [5] Source
    WoodenToaster - Beyond Her Garden (R4VAGER Remix)
    Break Beat / Dark Ambient

    [6] Source
    "FNAF 2 Present 4 Button Mash" - Timeless Prophecy & Josh Kirby [3D Music]

    [7] Source
    Nature's Weapon - By Reverbrony

    [8] Source
    Echoes - Flutterlover

    [9] Source
    [Progressive Electro] Axon and MG - Kinetic
    Progressive Electro

    [10] Source
    JayB & Giggly Maria - Rain (174UDSI Hardstyle Remix)