• The Saga of MLP on Netflix Continues - USA Today Reporting that Hasbro Wasn't Able to Renegotiate their Kids Shows License

    Quite a few of you out there are probably bigtime Netflix users.  We have seen a few people mention hat MLP is pretty back background sound in their households because of it.

    Over the past few months, we have seen lots of ping pong on the issue, with customer service reps reassuring everyone that MLP will simply be renewed on the 2nd of February, which their listing showed as it's last day on the streaming service.  On the other side of the spectrum, USA Today just dropped an article reporting that all of Hasbro's kid shows are supposedly being removed.

    Good news though! The MLP Facebook page dropped a followup:

    From the text above, it sounds like Netflix is still a focus for their streaming services.  Here's to hoping this means USA Today is just reporting on old news, and pony will in fact be renewed. We will drop more updates as things are revealed closer to the February drop date.

    Thanks to Brandon, Jason, and everyone else for sending it.