• More Information on Upcoming "Art of Equestria" Book Revealed

    Yesterday we tossed up a post about We Love Fine's new design contest, and buried within was a note that one of the rewards was entry into an upcoming "Art of Equestria" book releasing later this year.  We now have some extra information to go along with it from Abrams Books. It's sounding like thsis project is a lot bigger than we originally thought.  The image above is the preview they used for it, but other than that, we don't have any other visual information.

    Get the full description, along with a bunch of other nuggets of information below the break!

    Full name: My Little Pony: The Art of Equestria
    Page Count: 192
    Illustrations: 200
    Word count: 7500
    Release Date: Fall 2015

    Description: "From the My Little Pony brand’s inception in 1981, it has been a cultural staple -- be it as a toy, a game, a television show, or a movie. Here, for the first time, fans get a deeper glimpse into the enchanted land known as Equestria. Beginning with the show’s premiere, and taking readers through its fifth season, the book will feature an amazing collection of the art, writing, and design pieces that help bring these friendships to life. The book will not only take readers behind the scenes of this beloved show, but it will give readers an understanding of how their favorite characters came to look and be as they are today. Stepping outside of the television show, My Littile Pony: The Art of Equestria will also examine the infectious fan culture"

    Along with this, Rebecca Dart mentioned that her Chrysalis may be included.

    Thanks to Masem and Atticon for the heads up!