• Ready to Get Your Waifu Stolen? Vincent Tong Announced for PonyCon!

    Better hide those waifus my friends because the man (and pony) with the plan is making a visit to PonyCon 2015! Just keep a watch on your Twilight merchandise while he is around, eh?

    In seriousness, PonyCon 2015 is happy to welcome Vincent Tong, the VA for Flash Sentry and many others, to this year's event! I hear he is a pretty cool guy so make sure to come on by and say hello to him.

    Get the PonyCon Presser after the break!

    Lock up your waifus, bronies -- Flash Sentry is coming to NYC!
    VINCENT TONG will be appearing February 14th, 15th & 16th at Ponycon NYC - The Northeast's My Little Pony fans convention taking place at SFC College in Brooklyn, NY - Get tickets now atwww.ponycon.nyc or by calling Brown Paper Tickets 1-800-308-3006.

    As a self proclaimed ‘Jack of all trades‘, Vincent’s versatility as an actor allows him to span the spectrum of the performance world. From treading the boards as a song and dance man to acting on the big screen next to Hollywood’s biggest names; Vincent’s unique presence shines through in every character he portrays. Coming from an Asian household, being an actor was not a top career choice. However, his determination to follow his passion broke down walls that many deemed impossible. Receiving numerous awards and accolades for his work, Vincent’s diverse skill set has propelled him into the voice-over industry appearing in some of the world’s most popular animated series. He is currently based in Vancouver BC.

    Vincent will be appearing in multiple panels and programming throughout the 3-day holiday weekend, as well as running his very own dance workshop, and signing autographs for fans! Count on seeing him at the opening and closing ceremonies, a voice acting panel or two, and a lot of horsing around in between! Vendors have begun printing up all sorts of Donut Joe, Garble, Prince Blueblood and Flash Sentry styled merch in preparation for his arrival, and the folks at TSSSF have already revealed a show exclusive "Dreamboat Brad" card that every player is going to want to add to their decks. 

    Ponycon has been touting the arrival of "the most handsome stallion in Equestria" for well over a month now with a #FlashSentrySaturday tag on its social media, and just today revealing its events/schedule, featuring a FlashLight Flash Mob Rave on Saturday evening, and the promise of yet more events still to come.

    What's left to say? Get on over to www.Ponycon.nyc and get your ticket today - a VERY limited amount of enhanced level tickets left that will guarantee seats up front at all the popular panels, and entrance to the Sunday night VIP Party (where Vincent will be, along with our other headliner guests Andrea Libman, Ingrid Nilson, and Daniel Ingram!) Come out and party with the NYC Herd - it'll be a perfect day for fun!

    website - www.Ponycon.nyc