• Discussion: What Do You Want the "Theme" of Season 5 To Be?

    It seems like themes are the way of the pony seasons these days, with the third focusing on Twilight Sparkle's ascension, and the fourth with it's Equestria Games and Rainbow Power keys.  There isn't a whole lot more they can do to Twilight Sparkle here without adding another horn or five, but that doesn't mean we aren't going to see some overarching awesomeness in the 5th season.

    So, good citizens of Equestria Daily with your brilliant ideas and thousands of fanfics, what would you like to see as the main over-arching theme of the next season? Should Twilight and friends set off on a season long arc to reunite the lost griffon empire while hitting various major Equestrian landmarks along the way? Or is Luna in need of an apprentice?

    Hit up those comments with your thoughts!