• Ponycon NYC Announces Ingrid Nilson (and Boulder!)

    PonyCon is looking to be even more amazing this year than last as they happily announce the attendance of Ingrid Nilson, the voice of Maud! With her, Daniel Ingram, and more attending you'd be remiss to miss out on this opportunity!

    Check on after the break for the full presser.

    The voice of 'Maud Pie' is coming to rock New York City!
    INGRID NILSON will be appearing February 14th, 15th & 16th at Ponycon NYC - The Northeast's My Little Pony fans convention
    taking place at SFC College in Brooklyn, NY - Get tickets now at www.ponycon.nyc or by calling Brown Paper Tickets 1-800-308-3006.

    Ingrid's colorful career has spanned over a decade and includes on-camera work, singing, dancing, and appearances in numerous animated shows for television and web.

    She's excited about coming to the city famed for ROCKefeller center, The Hard ROCK Cafe, and The ROCKETTES and looks forward to meeting all the pony fans. She's also promised to bring Boulder! 

    Beyond greeting and signing autographs for attendees, Ingrid (a professional yogi) is going to treat our Ponycon audience to a free beginners yoga and relaxation class, and an original, yoga-inspired dance performance that will really rock our music lineup! 

    Enhanced level Ponycon tickets are still available in very limited quantity! Enjoy perks such as reserved seating and early access, sponsor gifts and exclusive merchandise. Ponycon supporters, Opal level and higher, will gain access to our VIP lounge all three days of the con, and to our swanky VIPs party Sunday night featuring music by YourEnigma and comedy of Uncle Yo. Who knows, maybe even a couple local rock stars will show up.

    Now if that all wasn't enough to get excited about... 

    Get ready for some special announcements featuring Maud Pie and Pinkie Pie from Packbreakers and Ponycon early next week, one will be a gem of a special merch release that you won't want to take for granite, and the other is just an avalanche of schist to rock your world! 

    website - www.Ponycon.nyc

    Twitter: Calpain