• Game: Battle Gem Ponies in the Works

    Not too long ago Yotes Games released the adorable adventure 'Unicorn Training' on Google Play and now they are back with another pony themed game inspired  by Pokemon! It's still in early development, but Yotes has some details to share with you.

    Battle Gem Ponies is a competitive turn-based RPG adventure about little super-powered ponies with gemstones on their chests that like to fight each other for sport. When partnered with a trainer, a pony has the combat advantage of switching between three distinct forms of the trainer's choosing. Embark on a journey to become the strongest pony trainer in the world and overcome challenges along the way. Players can also participate in a variety of multiplayer modes both online and offline using a customized team developed in the single player mode.

    This is the dream game I've wanted to make for years. I plan on releasing it before I graduate from college in Spring 2016 and having it available on Mobile and PC platforms for $4.99The success of this game will determine if I'm cut-out for a career in indie game development so I'll be putting everything I've got into making it the most awesome game it can be.

    A bunch of development posts filled with details can be found on my developer blog where I will be posting updates every Tuesday and Friday.

    You can find me all over the internet: TwitterFacebookYouTube, and DeviantArt
    You heard him, so check out his dev blog for more updates as they arrive.

    Twitter: Calpain