• Squishy Pop CMC Cutie Mark Tags Changed?

    According to information on the Tech4Kids website a new picture of the Squishy Pops pony line has been revealed showing new cutie mark medallions for the CMC. Instead of the marks we saw a few weeks ago they have now been replaced with just the name of the pony in question instead.

    Has there been a change at the last minute before they hit the stores or a late change after the first batch was produced? I guess we'll see when they end up in more people's hands soon. Also the CMC, Lyra, Bonbon, and Trixie look like 3D mockups here so maybe they are not yet finalized?

    Getting some reports from people who have seen these in stores! Hopefully they'll be able to solve the mystery. 

    Thanks to Ayu for the heads up.

    Tech4Kids Page
    Extreme Closeup of Picture Above

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