• Slumber Party Equestria Girls Set at Toys R' Us

    If you find yourself needing to collect dolls, we have another set appearing at a Toys R' Us in Toronto for you to hunt for. The submitter actually gave us a ton of information on them, along with more images,  so go check out their explanation below the break!

    Explanation by Brendan:

    Spike and Gummy are a really nice size! They don't seem to have much articulation at first look, and I haven't taken a closer look yet to see if Gummy's mouth opens or not, or if Spike's head can move at all. Either way, if you're picking these up just for the pets,  you'll be happy with their quality/look!

    Their price is high -- at least in Canada. They're $29.99 each!!! That's pretty crazy considering they're basically just another version of the dolls most have at this point, with the main purchase point being Spike and Gummy. On the plus side, the figures are articulated, with elbow and knee joints. They also come with a unique outfit for this set only.

    In the States I'm sure these will be around $24.99, which isn't too bad. I lucked out and found them on sale for Buy 1, Get 1 Free, so I mean, you REALLY can't go wrong there! I'd say the sweet spot would be if you can find them for $20. That seems to be a reasonable price for them, depending on how bad you want them!

    I'm not sure if this line is continuing or not, but I think it's odd they didn't just go with the main six and finally get all the pets out there! I'm sure if these sell well we may see Opal Essence, Angel, Tank and Winona in the future! Fingers crossed at least.