• Meet The Blogponies: Aquaman

     Next up is the amazing Aquaman, who has managed to carve out a niche for himself as a skilled and soulful wordsmith who always loves playing rugby and breaking faces. He's best known for doing long followups which never fail to polarize people over whether they're too long or not quite long enough. Meet him below!
    A: For the record, I blame the Reagan administration for this.

    So introduce yourself, what's your name, when did you join EQD, what do you do?

    A: I'm Aquaman, usually just Aqua, occasionally Ackwamong but only when I log in to IntenseDebate or when British people call me on Skype. I joined EqD back in early 2011 as a pre-reader, which in my defense seemed like a great idea at the time, and CouchCrusader and I tag-teamed on revamping the submission process earlier this year. When I'm sober, I write episode followups. When I'm drunk, I write better ones. When I black out, I make 3 AM posts advertising the Earth Pony Uprising that always seem to disappear by the time I wake up. I have no idea how this folder of downright scandalous photos of Cereal Velocity got me any of those positions.

    What's the best thing about working for EQD and what do you do in your spare time?

    A: The best thing about working for EqD is that whenever I'm worried about wasting time or embarrassing myself out in the real world, I just think to myself, "Well, at least you haven't spent almost three years of your life writing fan fiction and helping run a massive fanblog about magic technicolor horses." In my free time, I play rugby, yell at FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, and attend college at [Editor: That's not a real place and you know perfectly well what that acronym spells, Aqua.], all three of which are synonymous with alcoholism and all three of which probably explain why my memory's so bad. I hope I didn't forget anything important answering this question.

    What's your favourite episode and whose your fave pony?

    A: My favorite episode is Twilight Time, which has all five supporting best tiny horses in it and Twilight is also there too I guess. My second favorite episode is Pinkie Apple Pie, which has number one best apple horse in it and produced the most existentially depressing thing I've ever written. Rainbow Dash is pretty okay too, on the real, and Rarity and Fluttershy tie for worst pony and yes I will fight you don't make me come over there.

    Do you think EQD helps the fandom?

    A: I think the fandom and EqD form two components of a symbiotic relationship, the other parts being M.A. Larson's recycling bin and blissful, intentional ignorance. It's a wonder how we can do so much for charity and community awareness with just sunlight and a little bit of moisture.

    Is Seth really as crazy to work with as everyone thinks?
    A: He seems just as sane as any of the other horses I work with. He doesn't type very well, though. Hooves must suck for that.
     Thanks for that Aqua! If you want to find his writing check them out here.