• Random Merch: Color Glow Set, Rainbow Dash Projector, Protection Pack, and More!

    Another round of "Brand everything with ponies!" I have no idea what that thing up above actually is, but it's glowy and I've always been a sucker for glowy.  When I was a kid, I always had grand plans to completely cover my room in glow in the dark stuff, but never got around to it.  If I ever become a millionaire, I'll have to do that at some point.  Right next to my Lego room.

    Anyway, it's random merch time! The thingy above was found at Toys R' Us in Canada by Ryan, and everything else is below the break!

    Rainbow Dash Projector Flashlight

    Just in case you need to project Dash's amazing personality on to things.

    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: Allison

    Armada of Plushies Found in Poland

    If you happen to be over in Poland, these guys are popping up now. Prices:

    50cm tall for ~$45
    35cm tall for ~$40
    15cm tall for ~$15

    Found at: Gas station in PoznaƄ
    Found by: Piciambeer

    Another Activity Pad

    Yep, another one. Might as well list it!Comes with puffy stickers. I think that's a first.

    Found at: Sams Club
    Found by: Victor

    Writing Book Pack

    No idea if these are available elsewhere, but that's a lot of books for one pack.

    Found at: Bali. Indonesia
    Found by: Tuffy

    Pencil cases, wallets, notebooks, and Stationary

    Your childrens children will have school supplies with ponies on them at this rate. That is, if you have or plan to have children. If not, more for you! Embrace the waifu!

    Found at: Toys R' Us in Singapore
    Found by: Edison

    Pony Protection Pack

    I'd be more afraid to fall and scuff the ponies than anything. Maybe that's the point?

    Found at: Toys R' Us
    Found by: Chloethebrony

    Dazzling Diary

    Found at: Safeway
    Found by: Tiffany

    Hair Brush Pinkie

    Brushy Brushy

    Found at: Ross
    Found by: Amanda

    Plushie + Blanket Set

    Double the comfy

    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: Casimir