• Discussion: What Was Your Very First Pony Merchandise Purchase? Was it Awkward for You Buying it?

    Way back in the early days of the fandom, we had very little to choose from in terms of pony merchandise.  Celestia was that glorious pink color you see above in pretty much every variation, and what we know of as blindbag figures today, were going for ridiculous sums of money in singles on ebay. 

    Now days, it's not nearly as big a deal.  A Funko figure with it's black box and Hot Topic style look is much less stigmatized than a hot pink box straight from the girls isle at Walmart.  Ponies have transitioned from the realm of "It's for my sister" to "I'm a geek and like Daring Do" over the last few years, and many of us are probably happy about that.

    So, citizens of Equestria Daily and the pony world, I ask of you your stories.  What was the first piece of pony merchandise you bought? Was it awkward at all picking it up in store? Or did you order it online to avoid any weird glances?

    Hit the comments up!

    (Thanks to Christian for the discussion topic)