• Newbie Artist Training Grounds IV - Final Gallery

    We're here, guys! We did it! YOU did it! Fifteen days and fifteen prompts, and you've survived every one of them. Whether you dabbled or just got your feet wet, whether you're one of our warriors who took part the whole way through, you are each of you incredible and and you deserve the biggest pat on the back ever. Choosing to share yourself with the community and help everyone else learn and grow, that's amazing. Just being here and commenting, helping others on, that's amazing. I can't tell you how proud I am of every single one of you. You've grown and shown so much, and tonight you gave us a gallery to remember. A gallery consisting of another 700 ponies encompassing all of our previous themes! And with this last push, our grand total for the event proper has reached 8109 images! That, I think, is something truly special. I can't begin to tell you how proud I am.

    But here we are. I've got nowhere left to urge you but forward into the unknown future. I know you won't let me down, whatever you decide to pursue. This moment is always bittersweet. I love this event and I love everyone who participates in it. Letting you all go, even just for a while, is hard. But it must be done. You've got lives to live, ponies and even (gasp!) not ponies to draw, and a million surprises left to find that you couldn't possibly manage if you stayed stuck underneath my wings forever. I'm sorry if this sounds overly sappy, I don't know how not to be. I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you for participating, no matter what capacity you did it in.

    To those of you wondering who will win the Day 15 prizes, don't worry. Even though we're out of posts, we'll still notify the winners and make sure everything gets to them safely. But we're not about to penalize latecomers now after allowing them all event long, so for today that will have to wait. Day 14, though, is another matter entirely! Our second mega plushie giveaway brought on more stellar entries, and I'm happy to announce our three winners:

    • Grand Prize (six plushes plus bonus mystery): #175: Indigo Rush
    • Runner Up (choice of four plushes): #89: Blayaden
    • Second Runner Up (choice of two plushes): #266: Dexna4
    Congratulations to all three of you. And congratulations again to everyone, for making it this far! I hope that you're able to build on what you learned and drive yourselves forward, but if you need another little boost, we'll be back again in the summer. I've had a wonderful time hosting this event, and I hope you had fun participating, as well. I'll leave you now with our final gallery, so until next time, take care and buh bai~