• Newbie Artist Training Grounds IV - Day 11

    Day 11, there's no knowing if we'll ever wind up showing any signs that we are slowing down this pace oh hey look it's snowing but out there I see you growing both as artists and as people and as lovers of this whole thing and how far can I stretch this rhyme scheme until it snaps oh look there it's go...ing. Yup, definitely didn't miss my calling here. Let's just ignore my horrible attempts at rhythm and humor and get ourselves helped up about today's total, measuring in at a robust 414 festive little ponies and/or aspiring punsters! We're 2/3 of the way through our event, with a grand total of 5697 images to show for it! 'Tis the season to draw ponies, after all!

    Our prize today is a new one, a frankly awesome print from the ever excellent folks at Shapeways! These things are really cool and make super awesome desk decorations, so don't miss this chance to snag one of your own. Plus, you know, getting the chance to draw ponies is pretty darn cool too, right?

    Our Day 9 winner clocks in at #138, with a heroic little Applebloom toughing out a blizzard in the middle of a skiing trip. Congratulations to Agreenbrick! We'll be in touch shortly, so keep an eye on your e-mail!

    It's funny how both long and short 10 days can feel, especially when you're pushing through an event like this. Some of you are thinking, "Is it really only Day 11? We've been here forever!" and others are doubtlessly thinking, "Wow, what? How is it already Day 11?!" And somehow both of these thoughts are equally valid. Perception is a weird thing. But however you feel about it, our little ponies have been going through a lot. But they, like you, need to dig deeper and keep pushing. You've got it in you, I know it. Tonight, Draw a pony stretching/Draw a pony on thin ice. Maybe those don't seem related, but they are.

    Submit all entries here by December 12 at 9 PM Mountain Standard Time, remembering as always that it's fine to be a couple of hours late if that's what life has done to you. But before that, we've got treats for everyone in the form of a wrappariffic gallery! Head on down below the break to see for yourself!