• Tsitra Releases Information on his Banned Deviant Art Account

    Quite a few Drawfriend posts were headered with images from Tsitra here.  His painting style has been just about everywhere in the fandom. Unfortunately,  for whatever reason his Deviant Art account was shut down for "explicit pornography", and after appealing twice he has been blocked for five months.  The only thing he received in response is the usual copy paste information on what you can and cannot do on DA: AKA completely useless in this situation as he never broke any of the rules.

    He never received a warning and still has no idea what exactly got him banned in the first place.  The Deviant Art page had no pornographic material.

    On top of the account itself being banned, he as also been completely IP banned, meaning he can't make a new account.  Not to mention the fact that his old one has boatloads of comments, views, followers, and more.

    You can find his video below the break detailing all of it.  Hopefully Deviant Art will take notice, but so far even people on the inside are having trouble getting anything other than useless responses.