• PonyCon 2015 Panel Applications are Open!

    With PonyCon only months away the staff are pleased to announce the opening of their panel application period! Have something cool to talk about pony, art, media, or otherwise? Check on after the break for all the info you need to sign up today and for a list of panels already signed up for the event.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys there in February!

    The Big City is opening Up to see your talent and projects at Ponycon NYC!
    Ponycon NYC Panel Applications Now Open

    Here in New York City we know that our fandom was born of an amazing online community, and you pony fans are pretty awesome! Panelists are the reason Ponycon can provide amazing and innovative flavor to our programming every year. The majority of panels at Ponycon are hosted by volunteers and attendees; This is a great opportunity for the community to get involved with Ponycon in a very significant way. Everypony enjoys pony fan animation, comics, video games, toys, or simply just loves talking about MLP for different reasons. Taking your passion and turning it into a workshop, game, or panel is something that Ponycon embraces and welcomes from our community patrons!

    Here are some of the fan panels and workshops already announced for 2015!

    Discussions and Q+A:

    Twilight in the Big City
    Anthony Wu, deviantArt - NewYorkx3
    You have followed the trials and tribulations of Princess Twilight Sparkle as she came face to face with the human world in the city of rattling subway trains and huge libraries that never seem to end; New York! Now have the chance to meet the artist and the writer behind the series, Anthony Wu.

    The Tao of Maud
    When is a rock more than just a rock? When it is a gateway to the knowledge of the universe. Join us as we discuss The Tao of Maud, the Wit and Wisdom of the Most Centered Pony.
    We'll explore why having a pet rock named Boulder isn't so far-fetched, and why hide-and-seek with it really would be wayyy more intense. We'll even explain how these philosophies played a part in how the role was portrayed in the show.
    We'll also talk about "The Tao Of Maud" itself - the daily lessons on life that the most-centered pony now shares on the internet through Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.
    Whether you seek enlightenment, wisdom, laughter, or just a rock, you'll find something here in our panel.

    Midnight Mares
    Meet Midnight Mares creator C. Allan Gann as he discusses his series that he developed as a young adult. He has been inspired by the Brony fandom, and now approaching 350,000 YouTube views, an enormous amount of interest has been generated regarding this unique equine cartoon series! Also meet voice talent Rachael Messer, as they discuss the 2015 pilot episode's Kickstarter campaign, and address the fandom's questions and comments!

    Workshops - (titles subject to change)

    Brass Knuckles
    The incredible Brass Knuckles (the female Iron Will) turns doormats into dynamos! Attend this assertiveness seminar and learn the basics of what it takes to stand up for yourself, speak in front of others, and bring out the leader in you!

    Cartoon Animation Workshop
    Come learn from the experienced animators from the community on how you can take flat pony drawings and transform them into walking, talking cartoons.

    Maud’s Rock Farm
    Adopt a pet rock, or create your own! Located in Bowtie’s Craft Clubhouse, part of the Ponycon Family Fun Zone.

    Marker Painting with Bee-Chan
    Ever want to learn how to "paint", with markers, to be able to create a masterpiece with smooth blends and almost no bleeds? Learn the marker painting techniques used by your instructor, Debra, "Bee" Rohlfs, a professional artist and owner of Bee-Hive Studios! Bee’s been a pony fan since the G1 days, and her depth of knowledge on artwork ranges from anime to chibi to feral and anthro furry, she’s a one woman band. If you are a traditional media artist yourself or aspire to be one, come talk to Bee!

    More Printed Ponies
    Do you enjoy small plastic horses and wish you could make your own? Join this team of professionals and hobbyists for a walk-through of pony production. Learn about the techniques of mesh modeling to 3D printing, and get creating!

    Brony Bites w/ Brony Chef
    Admit it. You’re the guy who shows up to the picnic with a bag of chips. Take a lesson from fandom foodista Brony Chef himself and learn a variety of various meals and treats you can serve to your friends at meetups and other social gatherings!


    The silly card game about shipping ponies!  Come play at Ponycon 2015. A fan favorite that you can ONLY buy at conventions like Ponycon. Come receive a demo of the game, and get some promo cards!

    The Uncommons Board Game Room
     Featuring an immense games library of classics and modern favorites, The Uncommons Cafe brings a new concept to New York City. And there’s always something going on, with dozens of regular events. One of the biggest venues in NYC for Magic: The Gathering in the area, they host everything from Netrunner tournaments to RPG nights and indie designer game showcases, along with casual gaming nights for folks to meet new friends. The Uncommons Game Room at Ponycon offers free unlimited gaming, so you can sample as many games as you want to try. Play a group favorite, or have one of their teachers guide you through something new.

    Enterplay’s Mane Event (Guess we’ll just nickname it the Fun Cave?)
    And if this wasn’t enough game for you playas, the good folks at Enterplay have an event in the works that will blow your horseshoes off. Keep checking back for more updates on their first major card event of the 2015 season, with prizes galore!


    Panel Applications are being taken only for a short while longer - Now’s the time to get on board and be a part of the programming! Our awesome venue offers all the rooms we need for workshops, lectures, discussions, live draws, demonstrations, games and just about anything you can think up. You'll see a focus on making a con that every individual attendee will enjoy. Panelists receive the extra benefit of a complimentary weekend pass to Ponycon. A $75 value! So gallop over to www.ponycon.nyc to submit your workshop idea today. We’d love to see ya.

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