• Tirek And The Everfree Forest Stuff From Season 4 Possibly Coming from the Gameloft Game

    Buried in the files of the Gameloft MLP game are some interesting structures and model pieces that we might be seeing in the near future.  Either that or they were scrapped.  Submitter Gabby sent these in after digging through the iOS version, and ran into these.

    Since this currently isn't actually released, there is always a huge chance that this will be completely scrapped or redone. A quick summary of what we might have here follows:

    It adds the Everfree Forest location (Hence the name) on the world map and new ponies named Apple Honey, Swan Song, Blue Moon, Neon Lights and Savoir Fare, but their location is unknown and those are the only new ponies I found inside. The Tree of Harmony is included and can be placed as a decor once healed, which is the only new decoration I also found. Tirek is the main villain of the location with 4 forms in the Season 4 finale with a turn based-ish minigame to battle him, hinted by the file Tirek_battle_scene.xml. But Twilight's new castle isn't gonna be there, probably.

    The new feature in the update are Zecora's Totems in Everfree Forest that requires ingredients to produce the correct type of Element Shards and the new resources are Black Iris, Garlic, Glue, Mushrooms, Orchid and Poison which are used in the Totems. But I don't know which Harmony Shard they are focused on.

    I guess all of you grinding away have something fun to look forward to.  At least that's the idea!