• My Little Pony 9-Key Dance Mat - My Little Pony at K-Mart

    STEP ON PONIES.  That's the idea on this 9 key dancing mat. While not including a full on Dance Dance Revolution style game, it does include three levels of difficulty for stepping away at. 

    The exact description:

    Your child will absolutely love this 9-Key My Little Pony Dance Mat! With exciting melodies and 3 different levels of difficulty it'll bring out the true competitive nature of dance with her and her friends!

    • 9-Key dancing mat
    • Adjustable volume
    • Touch sensitivity mat
    • Exciting melodies
    • 3 Different levels of difficulty
    • Step wrong 7 times and the game ends...

    And below the break, more images!  Or just hit the Kmart site up to grab it for 25 bucks.

    Thanks to James for the heads up!