• Stay Brony My Friends Charity with Bronies the Musical

    Time for another round of charity with the good folks from Stay Brony My Friends gang! This time around they have one of the producers of Bronies the Musical, Heidi Powers, on board to talk about the the musical and endorse yet another notable charity. The nominated charity this time being Love Our Children USA, an anti-bullying group whose theme ties in nicely with the Bronies the Musical!

    As usual, the staff of Stay Brony My Friends have some opportunities available for doners to take home some prizes for their help! Interested? Check on after the break for more information and how you can help.

    Once again we gather around the TEEVEE and watch Dustykatt and Screwball bring another fabulous guest to us! This time it's the Producers of "Bronies the Musical" now playing in Los Angeles at the Third Street Theatre. If you are in town you really need to see this wonderful show!
    Heidi Powers, one of the producers of the show and a main writer joined us to talk about how the show came together and what inspired them to take the backdrop of Bronies and make it into a heartwarming story on standing up to bullies.

    Our ever present charity drive slots right into that theme as Heidi endorses "Love our Children USA" one of the top anti-bullying charities out there!

    Bullying is serious, and has struck us all close to home. No longer is it just about "he took my lunch money" or "she called me a name"... today's bullies are out for blood, and as our own community found out, sometimes they get it. Driven by Internet anonymity and callous indifference from law enforcement, bullying has escalated into sometimes-deadly cycles of abuse.

    It has to stop.

    Love Our Children USA is one of the leading anti-bullying campaigns in the United States. They are attacking bullying from all angles: reducing the causes of bullying, teaching children how to respond to it when it happens,  and pushing for legislation and meaningful action.
    Bullying isn't manly. Preventing it and healing it... that's manly.

    So join us in putting a hoof down against bullies and get a chance at some awesome prizes too! A "Bronies the Musical" cast signed poster will be up for grabs if we break 500 bits as well as a signed script cover from Charlotte Fullerton! 

    Head over to http://www.manliestbrony.com/blog/?p=1301 to help us break 50,000 dollars donated to the various charities though Stay Brony My Friends by fans like YOU!

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