• Music of the Day #392

    The ultimate meeting of the minds! Actually I have no idea if that other thing has a mind.  Never did watch adventure time.

    Get some music below!

    [1] Source
    Spectra - Relapsus Discordiae
    Instrumental - House

    [2] Source
    Under Our Spell 8-Bit (Remix)
    Remix - 8 Bit

    [3] Source
    Octavia's Overture Cover

    [4] Source
    Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks - Under Our Spell (SquareHead Remix)

    [5] Source
    Aviator's Friendship with Luna (Euro Eventful Mix)

    [6] Source
    Rise of the Moon

    [7] Source
    [DnB] Lightbringer
    Instrumental - DNB

    [8] Source
    Freewave - Wonder Bolt Rock (Agents of Discord Revamp)
    Remix - Hip Hop

    [9] Source
    M Pallante - Living Dead On Nightmare Night

    [10] Source
    Freewave- Apple Family Reunion (PMV)
    Instrumental - Bluegrass

    [11] Source
    Bronyance Befriends - Glaze's Rainbow Factory (8-Bit Cover)
    Remix - 8 bit

    [12] Source
    R D Bot (Ramones X Pony.MOV Parody)