• Song List for the My Little Pony Luna and Celestia Vinyl Records

    For those curious about what specific songs are on each of these Vinyl pony records, we now have a list! We've actually received quite a few emails about these guys.  I'm surprised so many of you have record players! Or do you even need a record player? I suck at this sort of thing.

    Anyway, the list can be found below the break!

    Side A:
    Twilight's Failure Song
    Love is in Bloom
    The Flim Flam Cider Song
    Becoming Popular
    May the Best Pet Win
    The Art of the Dress
    Ballad of the Crystal Ponies

    Side B:
    Find A Way
    Raise this Barn
    The Laughter Song
    At the Gala
    Make a Wish

    Side B Luna Exclusive:
    Winter Wrap Up
    The Smile Song

    Side B Celestia Exclusive:
    Apples to the Core
    Babs Seed

    Thanks to Agile for the heads up!