• 5 Fantasy Creatures We Want to See The Ponies Battle it Out With in Season 5!

    Friendship is Magic has always had a huge fantasy influence, with the use of Cockatrices, Hydras, Dragons, and even some oldschool mythology via Cerberus and Tartaurus (is that how the pony version is spelled?).  Opening up the world to so many choices makes the possibilities endless. The level of complexity that has been built up across dungeons and dragons alone is staggering.

    We have another season coming up, which means more nasty creatures and monsters to confront the ponies with, and it seems like a trend to lock these dangerous foes up as opposed to outright slaying them in Equestria. What beastie will break out of his/her prison next? Head on down below the break for our top 5 fantasy creatures we want to see the ponies battle it out with!

    #5 - The Beholder

    This one is the epitome of high level classic monsters.  When you want something ridiculously challenging to fight that isn't a dragon, ask for a beholder.  Each eye stalk fires off a different spell, including everything from paralyzation, poison, confusion, turning to stone, and just straight up blasts of magical energy.

    They aren't all explosions and death though.  Beholders are highly intelligent and ancient creatures.  It's not uncommon to run into one more interested in quizzing you on the intricacies of kobold society or tossing out a series of riddles for a prize. They are, for the most part, evil though, so failing these quizes and riddles usually results in death.

    What better magical creature to toss Twilight Sparkle's wits and prowess against?  Unleash the chaotic evil Twilight!

    #4 Naga, Sea Monsters, and Kraken! 

    We have visited the pony oceans once in the comics, but never in the actual show. The seas in any fantasy world are a dangerous place, and I'm sure Equestria is no exception.  We already have a freshwater dragon with Steven Magnet over in the Everfree Forest, but what wonders await 100 leagues below in the Mareiana trench?

    We have an excuse for more pirate pony goodness, possibly some seaponies, and loads of fishy beasts to battle or negotiate with.  Back to the high seas ponies!

    #3 The Titan

    Imagine if you will, a continent outside of Equestria where massive primeval titans roam.  Creatures the size of mountains with near unstoppable power.  Of course, you can't have giant titan without tiny weak points, and this is where Rainbow Dash would shine.  Using her incredible wonderbolts level agility, our warrior pegasus with gladius in mouth would be forced to fly to her limit in order to exploit the chinks in the Titans armor and save Equestria!

    Or we could go on a diplomatic mission gone bad where Rarity fawns over a gem covered stone titan, followed by a rampaging stone titan once she accidentally acquires a diamond or two.  She was definitely all for looting the dragon lair in Dragonshy after all.  Who knew it was his finger nail she just forcibly removed!?

    #2 The Undead

    I know what you are thinking.  Zombies right? Sure, that would work, but lets throw the entire spectrum of undead in there.  The big thing about undead, regardless of what type they are, is they tend to come in swarms.  A skeleton army commanded by a lich lord, or a host of angry ghosts bunkered in a haunted house deep within the Everfree Forest could both work.  How would Fluttershy react in an undead invasion? I'm guessing she'd probably befriend a zombie dog or two.

    Since this prospect is so varied, we could even visit an ancient Egyptian style pony city with Archeologist Applejack unearthing King Trotankhamun's tomb! Mummies never get old, or less creepy. 

    No vampires though.  I'm sick of vampires.

    #1 The Clockworks

    Deep within the diamond dog tunnels was a large bronze door that went largely ignored when Rarity was being rescued.  Curiosity and an increased amount of free time as the Princess of Friendship eventually piqued Twilight Sparkle's curiosity, and after a week of trying various spells to open said door, she finally managed to gain entrance. What she found astonished her.  A gigantic open cavern filled with ancient structures gilded in gold as far as the eye can see.  The ground begins to shake, and the large blasts of steam can be seen in the distance.  The clockwork city has awoken!

    What better excuse to get some steampunk ponies.  I'm sure Rarity could do something with this, assuming the inhabitants are friendly.

    Feel free to suggest more below the break in the comments!