• Random Merch: Bath Robe, Magical Music Box, 3D Ponyville Set, and More!

    Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie Bath Robes are now a thing.  This one was found at Target if you want it.

    And below the break, loads of Random Merch! Go get it.

    Magical Music Box 

    Magical music!? Have it.

    Found on Amazon.

    3D Ponyville Set

    Found at a gift shop in a hospital by Sonata Dusk

    More Ornaments

    Found at a K-Mart in Peurto Rico by Victor.

    Celestia Scarf and Gloves Set

    Found at Claires.

    Puzzle Set

    Found at Walmart by Jenn C

    Pony Knee and Arm Pad Set

    Found over at Toys R' Us by jskr!

    Pony Plushie Slippers

    Found at Target by Steph!

    Pony Helmet

    Found at Toys R' Us by jskr!