• Music of the Day #398

    Just a few days away from best holiday! Until then, get a bunch of music below!

    [1] Source
    Fighting is Magic - The Dazzlings (Remastered Audio)

    [2] Source
    LoreRD, Freewave, MEMJ - Luna Eclipsed (Corpulent Cartel Remix)

    [3] Source
    Get Happy (Fallout Day Special)

    [4] Source
    Welcome To The Show (Pure Acoustic Guitar Cover)

    [5] Source
    'Lil bit of everything

    [6] Source
    Mint - No More Angels

    [7] Source
    Agents of Discord - Roll Pinkie (Remastered & Reconfigured)

    [8] Source
    Chant of Mirth - Sights Unseen - (covering 4everfreebrony)