• Music of the Day #391

    Would you buy an entire album of Pinkie Pie rap?

    Unfortunately it doesn't look like we have any Pinkie Pie rap tonight. Get lots of Music of the Day stuff below though!

    [1] Source
    (Julian Moon) - Touch [Lyde Remix]

    [2] Source
    Five Nights at Pinkie's Intro
    Instrumental - Ambient

    [3] Source
    【mica】The moon rises ☾

    [4] Source
    Rainbow Factory Mordent Remix
    Remix - Breakbeat

    [5] Source
    Joaftheloaf - Swing! Tavi Swing! (Soundspark Remix)
    Remix - Glitch Hop

    [6] Source

    [7] Source
    Vinyl.rawr - White Skies
    Instrumental - Drum and Bass

    [8] Source
    JOSHH - Orbital Friendship Cannon

    [9] Source
    Librarian without a library
    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [10] Source
    M. Aestro - Cosmic Eyes