• Episode Battle Concludes - Twilight's Kingdom Dominates!

    UNLEASH THE POWER. Twilight Sparkle dropping mad anime style bombs apparently excited the majority of you, because her episode absolutely dominated.  In the end, not even Princess Pollbusting Luna could battle it out with glorious Sparkle, receiving only half the votes with Luna Eclipse.

    If you find yourself interested in checking out the past polls for curiosity sake, have a list of results:

    Season One Part 1
    Season One Part 2
    Season Two Part 1
    Season Two Part 2
    Season Three
    Season Four Part 1
    Season Four Part 2

    I figured half a year after the airing of the finale would help even the results out a bit with the hype that was going on back then, but we may run this poll again after season 5 and see if Twilight's Kingdom is still rockin it even that far into the future.  Until then, back to the regular polls!

    Rainbow Rocks recently happened, and all the music is all over the place.  Time to choose your favorite! Hit the side bar up.

    And as always, find the results to this one below the break!