• Womens Media Site Jezebel Explores Bronies From an Outsiders Perspective

    It seems to be a growing trend for media outlets to send a few unsuspecting journalists out to a pony thing and see how they react. The prospect of stepping into something totally outside the norm is appealing to people.  We've posted a few of these, but this one definitely takes an interesting spin on it.

    Womens media site (or news blog) Jezebel sent someone who is completely outside of the pony sphere to check out BronyCon a few weeks ago. She has no interest in cartoons or anything meant for children, yet dove in regardless, albiet with a boatload of reservations.  Overall, her experience seems to have been positive, with an extra layer of "why am I doing this" thrown in for a bit of good ol' drama reading. It's fin to see what we look like after three days of pony bombardment to the average non-geeky person.

    You can find the entire article over here! 

    (Warning: Some of the links do lead to clop images.  If that isn't your thing, don't click them) 

    (Update: Since some are confused, this is a different "Seth".  I wasn't at BronyCon.) 

    Thanks to Kara, Sleepysteve, and everyone else for sending it!