• Music of the Day #370

    Derpy has been eye patched a few times over the years, and for whatever reason she looks really good like that.  Does anything not look good on ponies?

    Get your Music of the Day stuff below to celebrate!

    [1] Source
    Melody of the Sun

    [2] Source
    Claire Anne Carr - Stringed Heart (Original Music)

    [3] Source
    The Legend of Canterlot series special feature- "Halo of Equestria"

    [4] Source
    My Little Pony: The Six Winged Serpent by Joey Bridgehouse (Score Music)

    [5] Source
    Jay Stansfield - The Ballad of the Crystal Empire

    [6] Source
    Cadence's Battle Theme

    [7] Source
    Romstar - Let it Fall
    Vocal - Electronic

    [8] Source
    Fall To The Clouds (Remix)

    [9] Source
    March to Canterlot: Celestial and Lunar Guard Suite (Original composition by MeetSouder)

    [10] Source
    "Rainbow Falls" by TheBurntMango