• Story: Sylphidine

    "If you thought, like I did, that this contest provided a perfect opportunity for authors to create an original species, and that it encouraged really creative worldbuilding, then I can't think of a better story to recommend to you than this one. Balancing itself perfectly between confusion and understanding, Sylphidine is everything I wanted out of this contest, and more." -- alexmagnet

    [Normal] -- 8th Place in the Equestria Daily Outside Insight Summer Fanfic Contest

    Author: RazgrizS57

    Description: A strange, lonely creature that's always on the move drifts into a village one day. It wants nothing more than to find somewhere warm to settle, but such places are hard to come by. However, it is hopeful, despite all the dangers inherent to this village.


    Additional Tags: It's in the air we breathe

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