• PonyVRVille Gets an Update

    PonyVRVille has received an update by the creator Igor who has taken some of your advice and made some changes and fixes to the game. The game is still in pre-alpha, but Igor says it should run better now for those who were having trouble with it. Changes are as follows:

    • DK2 support (0.41 drivers needed, run in Extended Mode). DK1 may still work in legacy. Unsure.
    • Positional tracking for the DK2 WORKS!
    • Texture/lighting tweaks and optimizations. Baking most of the lights now for better performance.
    • Some bugs squashed. New ones added as a free bonus.
    • Sometimes game start teleport would fail. It doesn't anymore. Ponies were getting in the way, but they were strongly encouraged to stop doing that.
    • New Parasprite handling. Game now spawns them at random every two minutes.
    • More dialogue, mostly dealing with them.
    • Twilight will head to her house after you complete the Trixie quest.
    • Some placeholder sounds, most having to do with Pinkie. I'll replace most of them, I am sure.
    • There are a handful of hidden keyboard commands.
    You can find the official reddit thread where you can download the update here and check after the break for a new video showcasing the program.

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