• Story: In Memoriam


    Quote: "This manages to mix fascinating Sombra backstory, Cadance showing off her kick flank skills, and some powerful emotions. Definitely worth a look." - The Pre-Reader with a cute little hat

    Author: Golden Vision

    Description: Princess Cadance and Prince-Consort Shining Armor have only just settled into their new life as the rulers of the fabled Crystal Empire when Shining is kidnapped by a mysterious mare while guarding the Crystal Heart. Cadance awakes the next morning to find her husband missing and the Heart dark and powerless.
    She will have to make her way through ancient traps and mysteries to rescue her husband. Meanwhile, Shining must find a path out of the twists and turns of another's mind and back into his own. But if Cadance cannot find her husband and restore the Heart, not only does the Empire risk instability and collapse, but she will lose the one thing that she prizes above all else: Shining Armor's love.

    In Memoriam

    Additional Tags: Secrets of the Crystal Heart