• Story: I Am Demon

    "Viewing the world through an alien perspective can take many forms. Here, Aquaman tells a story of a newborn Windigo as it, and the readers, discover that emotions carry different meanings for different species. This entry delighted me with how careful editing can have a huge impact on the way a story can be told, and shown." -RTStephens

    [Dark][Adventure] -- 1st Place in the Equestria Daily Outside Insight Summer Fanfic Contest!

    Author: Aquaman

    I am Cold, swirling snow that turns ponies against each other, searing ice that freezes them solid. I am Survivor, the one the Friendfyre spell didn't catch, an exception that proves an impossible rule. I am Fear, Frustration, Anger, Hatred, every emotion my Creator has ever felt. I am her Future. I am her Past.

    I am Demon, and Clover the Clever is my Master.

    I Am Demon

    Additional Tags: Hate Is Slower Than Cold

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