• Story: Changeling: The Movie

    "Because this story placed 10th in the overall contest rankings, the depth and competence of the entries we received should be quite self-evident. Obselescence understands that timing is just as important as content when it comes to comedy, and Chrysalis' dysfunctional relationship with her well-meaning but less-capable minions demonstrates just that." -- CouchCrusader

    [Comedy] -- 10th Place in the Equestria Daily Outside Insight Summer Fanfic Contest

    Author: Obselescence

    Description: Chrysalis, queen of all the changeling hives and infinitely cunning architect of their plans to conquer Equestria, has a problem: She knows diddly-squat about ponies. But Chrysalis is cleverer than most—or all—changelings, and she's already devised a brilliant solution to this trifling issue: Make a movie about them.

    Changeling: The Movie

    Additional Tags: What is a pony, really? 

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