• Giant Rainbow Dash "Room a Light" and Mini Dress Figures on Tech 4 Kids Site

    I bet quite a few of you picked up that Twilight Sparkle nightlight from a while back. It looks like she is about to be 1-upped though by Rainbow Dash.  This one has popped up as part of the Rainbow Power Set at Tech 4 Kids.  From the looks of the image, it's pretty huge. Chances are we can expect it in their next swarm of light up toys, similar to what came out this last year.

    We also have mini dress figures following the Fash'ems line, only Twilight and Rainbow Dash have popped up for those so far though.  Does it mean we will see Dashy as an alicorn princess in the future? Is this a sign of things to come?! (it's totally not). 

    Most of their stuff can be found over at the pony section! More images and even a few demo videos below!
    Thanks to Micheal for sending them.