• Stay Brony My Friends Charity With Rebecca Shoichet

    As with every new Stay Brony My Friends a new charity opportunity arises! After raising $650 for ALS, the show has a new goal: Free the Children. Nominated by Rebecca Shoichet, the voice of Sunset Shimmer and singing voice of Twilight, this organization fight's for children's rights and teaching kids to stand up to exploitation and abuse. Not only does giving money benefit the charity, but it also gives you the chance at winning a number of prizes as well!

    Interested? Check after the break for all the info you need to.

    We are back once again with another awesome episode of Stay Brony My Friends, this time Sunset Shimmer herself Rebecca Shoichet joined us to talk everything Rainbow Rocks and Twilight Sparkles singing range. 

    Charity continues for us as we raised 650 bits for ALS though Animated James on the last show, and now it's Rebecca's turn. Lets show her how much bronys care for others!
    Her charity is "Free the Children" who are a human rights organization working for children in poverty around the world.

    Human rights has become a cause that any decent person can get behind. But too often there is a gap in who is protected, a gap that has to do with age and not having a voice that a country’s legal system recognizes. This gap is children’s rights.
    Far too often, children can be exploited for cheap labor, or be the last to receive the help they need in the face of poverty. Since children don’t vote and children can’t stand up and say “We are human too” in the eyes of the law, they find themselves last in line to be able to receive the protection that adults receive. This is where Free the Children comes in.
    Not only does Free the Children fight to get children the legal protections they deserve, they also teach children that they do not need to take the abuse and exploitation. They show children how to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others, and how to get the help they need when others fail them.

    Your donation directly results in better lives in places where the attitude towards children has been terrible. In addition, your donation will be matched one-for-five by Caerdwyn, up to a hundred dollars in matching funds. Stretch those dollars!
    What better cause is this? Let’s do it!
    I have a plethora of pony swag to give out for any donation what so ever. One name will be picked to receive it all AND if we break 500 bits I have a CoCo Pomel cutie mark embroidered bath towel AND a signed My Little Pony 2013 Equestria Girls Annual comic with the origin of Sunset Shimmer SIGNED by Rebecca!

    So head over to http://www.manliestbrony.com/blog/?p=1295 and toss a few bit to this charity and help kids!

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