• Music of the Day #381

    I wonder if Rarity would be one of those ponies that buys all the overpriced things. Does she make enough money with dresses in a society of ponies that run around naked?

    Anyway, get some Music below!

    [1] Source
    TheRockyDoo - Brotherhood & Betrayal
    Instrumental - Classical

    [2] Source
    Dr Pinkie and Miss Pie THIS IS THE MOMENT cover (PegasusPitch Version)

    [3] Source
    The Spark

    [4] Source
    Just Keep Smiling

    [5] Source
    Heartland - Applejack's Theme

    [6] Source
    Glimmer - Twilight Sparkle's Theme

    [7] Source
    DasDeer - San Palomino Plains
    Country Pop

    [8] Source
    One Day You'll Remember Me - WoodLore
    Vocal - Rock