• Nightmare Nights Dallas Announce G. M. Berrow

    Even though Nightmare Nights is just around the corner that doesn't mean that the announcements need to slow down! The staff of Nightmare Nights are pleased to announce the attendance of G.M. Berrow!

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    Nightmare Nights is pleased to announce the return of G.M. Berrow as one of our Guests of Honor!
    Author of a panoply of pony books, and co-author of the upcoming Daring Do series (along with A.K. Yearling), Gillian has branched out to writing pony scripts, penning a Pinkie Pie episode coming up in Season 5.
    Come along to Nightmare Nights and get Gillian to autograph your books, discuss the differences between writing books and writing scripts, and explain why she’s a better author than M. A. Larson! Need more books to have autographed? Look no further!
    G. M. Berrow joins Tabitha St. Germain, Britt McKillip, M. A. Larson, Heather Nuhfer, Josh Haber and Amy Keating Rogers at this year’s Nightmare Nights Dallas. So join Gillian and our other Guests this October 24th-26th for panels, events, fun and excitement. Nightmare Nights Dallas will not only feature our Guests of Honor, including My Little Pony’s talented artists, writers, and actors, but also Community Guests from the fandom we know and love...and those will not be the only surprises we have in store for you!

    Nightmare Nights Dallas 2014 memberships can be purchased here but hurry! Only 3 of our Premium Sponsor memberships are left, which include the VIP Meet and Greet.

    Nightmare Nights Dallas is Texas’s largest My Little Pony fan-based convention. Come join us this October 24-26 in a celebration of not only the Nightmare Moon but all things MLP. Please visit us online at NightmareNights.net, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.

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    Till Her return, bide...

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