• BronyScot Rock Nessie 2nd Musicians Announcement

    BronyScot keeps on trucking as they are happy to announce more musicians for their event. Check on after the break for all the breaking news.

    Well guys, it’s only a month away until the big day, I hope you’re all excited because we certainly are. The committee and volunteers are all non-stop hard at work to make sure everything is ready in time. It’s very busy work but it’s all going to plan.

    Recently we released the pre-registration form for the cosplay masquerade. That can be found here if you’ve not already filled it in, the form can also be filled in on the day if you have a chat to our cosplay host, Queen Taz over at her vendor stand.

    But onto todays big news, as we know you’re all eager to know who else will be performing at Rock Nessie on the evening of BronyScot. Today I’m pleased to announce Aphylliate!

    “ Broken beats, blips and beeps, fist-pumping action and funky rhythms, these are the sounds of Aphylliate. He's a bloke who almost always has his nostalgia glasses on. Inspiration comes from far and wide for this lonely musician....let's just say he plays far too many video games with the repetitive yet catchy background music turned up to 11. Mash that with some classic cartoons (including but not limited to pastel horses) and voila! A musician that will make you go “I remember this from when I was a kid!!!” “

    Also we have the wonderful One Wing Pegasus who’ll be MCing Rock Nessie and taking part in some fun events during the day. He made his debut performance on the Cadance Stage this year at BUCK, though sadly won’t be bringing his full performance because his partner in crime, Pipsqueak is sadly on holiday whilst we’re taking place.

    One More Thing…
    You guys might be familiar with the 3D printed figurines found at other EU conventions. Well, they’re made by this really talented guy who goes by the name Steve Lynx. Well, he’s kindly also been modelling our mascot Nessie and she’s now ready to come to life and be taken home by you guys!

    We also have some real fancy etched glasses, perfect with a can of Irn Bru of course. You can now purchase these awesome items from our merchandise page on our site. You can either choose to pick them up on the day, or you can also choose to have them shipped to you if you wish. http://bronyscot.org.uk/merch/

    Few little extras: vendor tickets are almost sold out, so if you want to sell your wares, grab one before they’re gone! And likewise our special Treasure Trove Tickets will be ending their sale very soon.

    Twitter: Calpain