• Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash Piggie Banks Pop Up

    After season four, Rainbow Dash returned to the Wonderbolts Academy to continue her training.  While executing her "Fantastic Filly Flash", she unfortunately knocked over a pillar, causing the entire school to crumble to dust. Following that, her grant was dropped and she was ejected from the academy with no chance at re-enrolling. 

    Equestrias fasted flier soon became Equestrias biggest tub of ice cream fan, eating one or two a day while slowly succumbing to the realization that her future life as a Wonderbolt was over. Eventually she packed on the pounds, and her snout reshaped itself to allow for the extra weight.  Above is the effect of that. 

    A few months later, she came to Twilight Sparkle begging to fix her after not being able to fly up to her house.  With her amazing alicorn magic, Twilight screwed up and cloned the weight onto herself.  They now throw ice cream parties in the new castle thingy while collecting diet and exercise books in her new library. 

    Uhh, anyway, this is now a thing over on Shop Your Way.  It looks like neither of them are in stock at the moment, but we may see them invade the world eventually!

    Thanks to Micheal for sending it!

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